iSOLde - The sophisticated tanning range

Sunbathing the right way in a sunbed

In general, UV-light from tanning lamps has the same characteristics as ultraviolet light from the sun. They differ in the quality of radiation (spectrum) and the quantity of radiation (dosage). The UVA and UVB radiation ratios and the photo biological effects of these ratios vary in the spectrum. Depending on the spectrum, tanning lamps can be designed to create an immediate tanning effect or to slowly develop or maintain a tan. The dosage depends on the skin type. There are six different skin type classifications in the world, the first four of which appear predominantly in Europe. For users, the dosage is expressed in the maximum amount of tanning time depending on skin type.

The iSOLde product range

The new generation of Philips tanning lamps provides a sophisticated choice of UV-lamps specially developed for different skin types and applications. It is the result of comprehensive research with medical institutes.

BodyTone by iSOLde

The BodyTone by iSOLde Low pressure range provides suitable 0.3 lamps for all popular devices. According to EU directive the photo biological irradiance value is limited to 0.3 W/mē. New or used equipment can be converted immediately to comply with 0.3 through BodyTone by iSOLde. Our sales team will be happy to help you find the lamp that is right for your device.

CLEO by iSOLde

CLEO tanning lamps are characterised by their high efficiency as well as the stable output of every single lamp over the whole life span. The results are high reliability and a compelling tanning effect. The CLEO by iSOLde low pressure range is classified in six separate sections whilst complete product lines featuring lamps in all relevant performance levels.


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