JW Sales GmbH is an internationally successful company offering a comprehensive product range that includes both tanning lamps and accessories for most global distributed tanning devices. Whether UV tubes or high-pressure lamps: All tanning lamps of the iSOLde brand are manufactured in Germany according to highest quality criteria.

Our international group of companies under the roof of JW Holding, is an independent family-owned enterprise. The owner, Jörg Wolff, co-founded the tanning industry in 1975 and bears responsibility until today.

JW Sales GmbH | Brand Division iSOLde


Every single iSOLde lamp is of German origin. iSOLde tanning tubes and high-pressure lamps are 100% MADE IN GERMANY. Their unique production process is characterized by advanced technology, high-quality materials and meticulous quality control. This guarantees reliable quality, safety in use and optimal lamp performance over the entire life span.

iSOLde Licht Qualität - Made in Germany
iSOLde Licht - Entwicklung


In-depth knowledge of the health-promoting effects of UV radiation on humans formed the basis for iSOLde product development. The latest scientific findings are constantly being incorporated into the further development of the iSOLde lamps to guarantee top level lamp technology.


The smart iSOLde product range is the result of years of research of medical institutes in collaboration with PHILIPS. The presented selection of UV lamps was specifically designed for the different skin types. Scientific knowledge about the health effects of UV radiation on humans formed the basis of the development of this tanning lamp range that ensures safety in use. CLEO HPA high pressure lamps are a perfect match for use with all CLEO low pressure lamps. The PHILIPS starters complement the array to a perfect trio.

iSOLde Licht - Intelligente Produkte

„I have great confidence in iSOLde tanning lamps. I know that they are made in Germany. The product range is continuously developed and I get everything I need. Thanks to reliable quality controls, me and my customers are extremely satisfied.”