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CLEO Niederdrucklampen und Philips Starter- Ein perfektes Team


The CLEO by iSOLde lamp range and the PHILIPS starters form a strong team. The PHILIPS Starters ignite the CLEO lamps optimally and gently. We therefore recommend this starter lamp combination. Replacement of the starters should be scheduled with every lamp change to keep the lamp’s performance level consistent over the entire life span. Doesn’t that sound perfect?


PHILIPS starters ignite CLEO lamps optimally and gently. This starter lamp combination guarantees a high level of performance over the entire useful life. Therefor the starter should be replaced with every lamp change. This does not only protect the lamps but is swift and easy with the unique click & switch system.


The starters should be replaced at the same time when changing the lamps. This works especially well with the click & switch system. Simply insert the new starter into the notches on top of the old starter body and switch. Thus, you can easily remove and replace the old against the new starter.