HPA high pressure lamps


The CLEO by iSOLde high pressure range comprises lamps of high output and first class performance. The gold coating on either end guarantees ideal operating temperature within a very short period. CLEO HPA high pressure lamps are designed for use with CLEO low pressure lamps.


These lamps are intended for sun-tanning purposes only and shall not be used in any other application.

iSOL.de CLEO HPA Das Original

CLEO HPA – The Original

The iSOLde high-pressure lamp range CLEO HPA is still unmatched in terms of quality, reliability, safety and tanning performance. You can recognize the original CLEO HPA high-pressure lamps by four distinctive features: gold coating, power spots, lying Cleopatra and iSOLde GERMANY imprint on the sockets.

iSOL.de CLEO HPA Gold Coating

Gold Coating

The precious gold coating on both ends of the glass bulb supports the optimum operating temperature following the same principle as a reflector: It reflects the thermal radiation into the interior of the bulb, thus ensuring a steady temperature equilibrium of the lamp filling inside the glass bulb. The result: a consistent spectrum over the entire life span of the lamp.

iSOL.de CLEO HPA Power-Spots

Power Spots

The silver spots on the inside wall of the glass bulb are a visible sign of the quality inspection of each individual lamp. These power spots result from the burn-in process and have an acceleration effect when the lamp is ignited for the first time. The result: The spots shorten the run-up time by up to 33% and guarantee full power right from the start.