Low pressure lamps

CLEO Range

CLEO Advantage, CLEO Swift and CLEO Professional-S provide very efficient, immediate and long-lasting pigmentation. A beautiful dark complexion can be obtained within a short time due to the high UV output. These lamps are particularly designed for short tanning sessions. CLEO Swift feature noticeable higher UVA-output for immediate deep skin darkening.

CLEO Advantage

CLEO Swift

CLEO Professional S

CLEO Professional

CLEO Professional lamps are marked by their well-balanced UVA/UVB ratio. They afford excellent bio-positive parameters and therefore are ideally suitable for health care. (Vitamin D3 synthesis, compensation of sunlight deficiency).

CLEO Professional EU

CLEO Professional EU is the 0.3 range within the CLEO range. These lamps provide optimal tanning results in compliance with legal requirements. Within the 0.3 range you will find lamps for all popular professional sunbeds.

CLEO Performance

CLEO Performance and CLEO Performance S are, due to their moderate erythema effectiveness, especially suitable for people who enjoy extended tanning sessions. They also give long lasting tan to sensitive skin.